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Best Bars In Sydney Quick Guide

Best Bars In Sydney

Best Bars In Sydney Quick Guide

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Best Bars In Sydney Quick Guide

Refreshing drinks, strong flavours and a cosy atmosphere are some of the criteria that draw me into a bar. It’s also nice to have a friendly bartender, serving me drinks while discussing our favourite mixes. Sydney is full of places like this, so here’s just a small list of some of the best bars in Sydney.



First on the list of best bars in Sydney is Tio’s. Tio’s is a Mexican bar located in the heart of Surry Hills. The bar focuses on a wide variety of Mexican beers, including mezcal and agave. There are many ways to enjoy a can of Mexican beer but I suggest that you salt the rim first, then pop the can open, and finally add a wedge of lime. Tio’s gives you an unlimited supply of popcorn, making it a great place to catch up with friends and loved ones.


Eau De Vie

Eau De Vie is one of Sydney’s leading classic cocktail bars. The bar is known for incorporating different ingredients and flavours in an innovative and unique way. And since the presentation of a cocktail is an integral part of the enjoyment, Eau De Vie really knows how to dress it up.


The Baxter Inn

No signage, no front door, Baxter Inn is tucked away in an alley and can only be accessed through a backdoor. Baxter Inn is one of the finest whiskey bars in Sydney, boasting a collection of 300 whiskey bottles, including rare and limited edition ones. There is also a private tasting room for dedicated whiskey connoisseurs.

The bar features an old-school American interior, with wooden shelves and comfortable long benches. I always enjoy the hustle and bustle of this bar at night. With classical jazz playing in the background, this is the perfect place to order an Old-Fashioned. Alternatively, you can always get a Whiskey Sour to start the evening off.


This Must Be The Place

Besides the amazing world-class cocktails available at This Must Be The Place, it also serves up a range of house-made spritzes. The Gloss is one of the most popular choices here. Made from citrus vodka, rosewater and strawberries, it’s one of the most original tasting fizzes in town. The bar also has an amazing wine collection.


Burrow Bar

Burrow Bar is another hidden gem located in a back alley of Sydney’s business district. This is a small, low-key bar that reminds me of a few that I visited during my travels in Tokyo. Here at Burrow Bar, the menu changes every two weeks but the amazing service doesn’t. The bartenders are knowledgeable and enthusiastic, never shying away from making the classic cocktails that I love.

I would recommend the barrel-aged Negroni and the barrel-aged Boulevardier – two of the bar’s signature cocktails and also my favorites. If you ever bump into me at the bar, I’ll probably be sipping on one of these.


Bulletin Place

Bulletin Place is an intimate space with rustic decor, botanical prints and hand-written menus. Ranked within the top 50 of the official World’s Best Bars in 2016, Bulletin Place serves some of the best cocktails in town. Moreso, the bar keeps it exciting by introducing a new menu every night.


Earl’s Juke Joint

Earl’s Juke Joint is a bar that disguises itself as a butcher shop. Inside is a New Orleans-inspired saloon that incorporates drinks with music. In fact, the bar is named after Earl Palmer, a rock-and-roll and rhythm-and-blues drummer from New Orleans. So expect a lot of rock and blues tunes playing in heavy rotation. The interior is warm and cosy, with interesting old-school photos mounted on exposed brick walls. The atmosphere is really chilled while the bartenders are friendly and fun to talk to, making Earl’s Juke Joint one of my favourites.

We hope you enjoyed our best bars in Sydney quick guide and we’ll be back soon with a more in-depth review of each one.



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